Marketers and advertisers would do well to pay attention to a significant but often overlooked segment of consumers: African-American mothers, the primary purchasing decision-maker in the home.

Those are the conclusions of a recent study on marketing to black moms from Mintel Group, a global market research firm. The study, conducted with Lightspeed, looked at 600 African-American female internet users aged 18 and above who are a parent or guardian of one or more children.

Regardless of their marital status, black women are the primary decision-makers when it comes to purchase for their kids across every category, from health care and food and drink to digital devices and entertainment. The average black mom, the Mintel study found, is an older millennial between 32 and 41 who is balancing raising school-aged children while working full time.

Dreams for a better life are important to black moms. Seventy percent want to devote more time to their passions; 64 percent want to start a business; and 33 percent would like to go back to school. But so is self-care: When the day is done, 76 percent want to relax alone. Still, most relish their time with their children and will use a range of opportunities to connect and interact with their kids in an out of the home.

Marketers who acknowledge this woman’s role in society, and brands that make life easier for her, stand to gain her attention and earn her business and loyalty.