The expected permanent changes resulting from a global effort to distance ourselves will no doubt have far-reaching and unanticipated effects on all categories of business. We’re looking at four major trends that are already emerging so that our business partners can start thinking about them too. 

Advancement of the Climate Change Debate

Global pollution levels are already falling and this change has potentially huge impacts in store for the auto, energy and travel industries as well as sustainable CPG.

Remote Working Becomes More Normalized & Accessible

Many are realizing a lot of work can be done away from the office. Outfitting homes to combine work and life is a large opportunity for furniture retailers and home design & improvement as well as tech.

More Access to Broadband Internet For All

The rise in eLearning and remote work has demanded this. A change of this scale will have significant impacts on education, as well as media consumption in general, which will affect all advertisers.

Interest Grows in More Local & Sustainable Living

Products with fewer miles to cross before reaching shelves mean faster replenishment and a smaller carbon footprint. Grocers and home improvement stores can benefit greatly from this change in consumer attitude.